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Sustainable production, sustainable products

IAIR Awards Gold 2014 & 2015
Leading by example

As a company involved in the production of clean energy, you would expect us to live up to our own principles. And we do. Because of REC’s environmental initiatives and transparency, REC is a top-5 performer in the SVTC solar scorecard for the environmental responsibility of solar panel manufacturers, and we have earned the IAIR Award for "Best Solar Company for  Sustainability" two years running (2014 & 2015).


Environmentally friendly throughout the lifecycle

Our solar panels are sustainable long before they start producing energy. Our state-of-the-art production processes employ sustainable manufacturing principles, reducing raw material consumption, water use and minimizing waste. We also rigorously select our suppliers to ensure they share our principles. See our environmental performance here.


Solar panel recycling


Creating clean and green energy through solar panels would only be half as successful if the panels could not be disposed of properly at the end of their life. REC makes a concerted effort to ensure its products are durable and recyclable. Learn more about REC solar panel recycling here.


Low carbon footprint

Thanks to these rigorous efforts, REC panels have a low carbon footprint, as evaluated by Solstyce, anindependent solar energy engineering and services company based in France. View Solstyce's carbon footprint calculations of REC panels below:


Quick energy payback time

And because of this low carbon footprint, REC solar panels deliver a verified energy payback time of 1.2 years, calculated by respected research institute ECN (Energy Research Center of the Netherlands). In other words, in just over a year, our panels will have generated the same amount of energy required to produce them. After that, it's energy profitContact REC to view the full report.


COP21: REC and the fight against climate change

As a key part of its COP21 initiative, REC has issued “A Call for A Sunny Commitment,” an open letter addressed to governments, organizations and other stakeholders, outlining how clean, viable and cost competitive solar energy is today, and what policy action is needed from governments to eliminate barriers for solar’s growth in the interest of a safe climate. REC conducted a market study on climate change and how going solar can help close the COP21 gaps. The study includes results for: Global, U.S. Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Japan. Click here for the study.


Governing sustainability

At REC, we take sustainability seriously and have policies in place to ensure we do our part for the good of the environment, just as you do by going solar.

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