You may know Kirsten Tibballs as the Chocolate Queen, a MasterChef celebrity and owner of the Savour School of Chocolate. But she is also a passionate advocate for sustainable living. Discover her off-grid journey and how REC Solar is partnering with her to create a showcase kitchen powered by renewable energy.


Kirsten’s off-grid house

Part 1:
A dream comes true



Kirsten’s off-grid house

Part 2:
Getting the maximum of the sun


Part 3: Coming December 2023


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“What I am building in the house is really my dream kitchen. I have a fridge. I have two ovens, a microwave, and induction cooktop […] But I do have a second kitchen. I have a commercial oven in the second kitchen. I have a commercial fridge and freezer. I have another induction cooktop. I have two dishwashers, which is a lot of energy […]. All that energy is just coming form REC Solar Panels. It's quite amazing.”

Kirsten Tibballs


Off the Grid

The off-grid movement has gained traction in Australia and New Zealand, offering an alternative lifestyle centered around freedom, self-sufficiency, and sustainability.


Kirsten Tibballs and REC Solar are partnering in supplying a 50Kw solar system for an off-grid residential and commercial kitchen showcase where Kirsten plans to film her TV series to be broadcasted on Foxtel/Ch10 and host events.

Going off-grid for


Energy Independence  
Off-grid living allows you to generate your own energy, reducing dependence on external power sources and utility bills.


Environmental Sustainability
By using renewable energy sources like solar panels you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet.


Cost Savings
Over time, off-grid systems can lead to significant cost savings as you eliminate monthly utility bills and may even qualify for government incentives or rebates.


Off-grid systems often include battery storage, ensuring a continuous power supply even during grid outages or extreme weather conditions.


You become self-sufficient in terms of energy, water, and sometimes even food production, reducing reliance on external resources.


Remote Living
Off-grid living offers the opportunity to live in remote or rural areas, surrounded by nature and away from the noise and pollution of urban life.


Increased Resilience
Off-grid homes are less vulnerable to power outages and energy price fluctuations, providing stability and security.


You can design your off-grid system to meet your specific energy needs and lifestyle preferences.

“The off-grid system, it does a lot of things for me. Probably the first thing is, it saves a lot of money. It's fantastic for the environment. So, my environmental footprint is actually really quite small […] I will be able to run multiple appliances at one time without ever worrying about dropout […]”

Kirsten Tibballs



Going solar with REC is easier than you think

Once seen as a radical lifestyle choice, going solar is becoming more accessible and achievable than ever before. Contrary to common misconceptions, it's not an endeavour limited to the most rugged individuals or those seeking complete isolation. In fact, for many people, going off-grid is easier than they might think. 


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Check out the latest shots of Kirsten's off-grid house

"Cooking uses so much power, so I wanted to create a property for a very long time that would be completely off-grid."


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Financial Benefits 
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